Duncton Mill Retreat 2007

This was the second running of this very successful retreat (see testimonials).  The Duncton Mill venue was so popular last year that we went there again.  We also took on board the results of the satisfaction survey to retain what made the 2006 retreat a success and further improve upon it.  This resulted in a revised programme  which added a day, adjusted some of the class lengths and provided more free time to relax and enjoy this idyllic location.

The workshops were designed to give students some historical perspective on Yoga with an introduction to some of the key Gurus of Yoga.  At the other extreme we held a workshop to look at how students could take Yoga assana into their daily lives.  The output of this was a brief outline for 20 to 30 minute morning and evening practices. 

Tony, Heather's partner, lead some walks to explore the local parkland and also go up onto the South Downs to investigate an Iron Age fort.  He also lead a walking meditation at which we collected leaves, twigs, flowers etc to represent loved ones.  Later in the evening we performed a Pujjar  at which we offered the objects we had collected to Buddha.