Amnesty International Yoga Day                                                                                                                                     

In aid of the Amnesty International World Yoga Day,  Heather organised two special classes on 3 February 2008 from 11am to 1pm.  at Riverbourne Health Club Chertsey.  Thanks to the other teachers: Garry Freer, Sandy Lee and Debbie Wherlock, our marketing supremo - Linda Lowe and the 60 plus people who attended or donated money.  In all we raised £650 for Amnesty International, whilst enjoying practicing our yoga.  The event was reported in the April edition of Yoga Magazine.



In the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing Amnesty International (AI) conducted a campaign to urge the Chinese authorities to keep their promise to improve the human rights situation in China, especially in the areas of death penalty, fair trial and prevention of torture and ill-treatment, protection of human rights defenders and freedom of expression and information.

The 2008 Summer Olympics took place from 8-24 August 2008 in Beijing, China. Amnesty International believed China's hosting of the Olympics provided it with a unique opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to human rights. Amnesty considered it to be their role to make sure that this opportunity did not pass by without notice, action and sustained improvements.

When China was bidding for and awarded the Olympics, the Chinese authorities stated that the Beijing Olympics will help the development of human rights in China. We need to draw attention to these promises - which have also been echoed by the International Olympic Committee, and hold the Chinese authorities to account on them.

In order for China to live up to its promises to improve human rights, the Chinese authorities should:

On Sunday the 3rd of February 2008, yoga teachers and schools around the world donated their time and space to a two hour yoga session devoted to human rights.

The class was held from 11AM - 1PM sharp, local time in each time zone, leading to a 24 hour yoga marathon around the world. Devoting our thoughts and energy globally to the human rights issue will generate a powerful impact.

Students attending the event donated whatever tuition they could afford. All contributions were welcome - the money is important to help victims of human right violation but so is the spirit.



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