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What is a Life Coach ?

Coaching is unlocking a person's full potential to maximise their own performance.  It is about helping them to learn rather than teaching them.  Sir John Whitmore likens a person to an acorn, which contains within it everything required to be a magnificent oak tree.  We all need nourishment, encouragement and the light to reach toward, but the 'oaktreeness' is already within us.

The role of a coach is to work with their clients to help build their awareness, responsibility and self-belief .


Coaching has evolved and grown in response to a need that has been created through the technological age and the rapid rate of change.  Before modern transport and communications systems, there were large extended families living close and able to offer advice and support, there was little need for a coach then.

In the 1930's the first popular self-help books were published and post war we saw the growth of interest in psychology, sociology and therapy.  Mostly these were to deal with or support mental health conditions.

Later in the 1980's therapists realised a need for an holistic approach to 'life matters' brought about by the fragmented, smaller family units.  These therapists became coaches and the profession grew organically by referrals.

My role as a Life Coach

My role as a Life Coach is about helping my clients to create balance within their lives.  That is to say, finding time for events and people that are important to them.  These include career, domestic, health, spiritual and relationship aspects.  sometimes I act as a sounding board, an objective listener, a motivator or a facilitator who keeps the client on track by helping them to set & re-visiting  goals, measure results and ensure they take full responsibility and accept accountability for this.  This requires the client to focus on their  current life and plans for the future by developing effective goals and sustainable changes.

What can I do for you ?

Please feel free to contact Heather for further details about coaching.

"Heather is one of the very best Coaches I've come across. With her, I stuck to my goals, and have achieved a much better work/life balance, whilst also performing better at work, and more than doubling my salary! Highly recommended"

Mr Giblin, District Manager (Northern Britain) of an US blue chip company

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