My name is Andrew Hamilton and I have been studying Yoga for ten years. For the last 6 years those have been with Heather George on Monday evenings and Friday mornings at the River Bourne Health club in Chertsey and also at her classes in Laleham on a Wednesday evening.

 My knowledge of Yoga with Heather has grown, as she varies each class and caters for all levels of pupils, starting with Pranayama followed by Asana and finishing with Relaxation and Meditation.

 I have attended four very successful Yoga retreats under her tutorage with two in England and the last two in France.  On the retreats the luxury of time has enabled us a greater in-depth study of Yoga including specialist lectures.  She also organises other activities for her pupils at home including Chakra and Meditation workshops where everyone is welcome.

 With the continued and ongoing encouragement, support and enthusiasm that Heather provides in each and every one of her classes, I have now decided to enrol in a teacher training course myself.  If I can encourage future pupils with the same level of knowledge and understanding of the Yoga ethos as Heather has done for me, I will be achieving my aim.

Andy (former student now teacher)

Dear Heather

I just wanted to say how amazing the class with you was yesterday.

I cannot explain it but I just felt part of something very strong, very emotional and very very peaceful. I feel very privileged that you chose to share that with us. 

I did not know your friend but you have spoken of her many times and it has always been so clear how much you and Tony have supported, cared for and shown great love to her. Literally to the end of her journey here.

It sounds to me that her passing was just about as good as it could be and I honestly think we would wish that for everyone. 

You are a very special person Heather .

Much love, Michelle (student)

Dear Heather

You know that all the adversities your have experienced in your life has made you grow so tall and you also know that it was in the plan of things organised before you were even born. 

I think your family will be so pleased that you will be near them to share your Love and to receive their Love and you wont have  to just snatch some time with them when you were able. 

Think of all the students you have taught who have now become Teachers too and are now sharing with others the Teachings you have given and shown them unselfishly. You have much to thank yourself for because again this was something you were always going to do in life. 

 We as Yoga Teachers not only teach Yoga exercises but we have to be the very example of what Yoga is all about and I must say in all my time as a Yoga Teacher not many Teachers come up to that criterion but you do. Your strength in such times when things were not going well for you inspired so many people not just your students in Yoga. 

Sandy x (my early teacher)

Dear Heather

 I've been meaning to send you an e-mail to say a massive thank you for your wonderful classes.  My triathlon training programme is very intense, in addition to work & family life,  and I know its mostly the yoga that keeps me injury free and allows such freedom of movement.  What I don't like is when I'm unable to attend!................will keep trying to block out 1pm every Tuesday in the diary.

 Thanks again 

Claire x (Pilates teacher and osteopath)

Hi Heather

 Thank you for your email. I am of course sorry to have to lose you as an instructor but totally understand why you are having to leave – I know the members will definitely miss you.

 I am sure I will see you before the end of March, but would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and commitment over many years. You are a true professional and a credit to the yoga industry. I wish you all the very best for the future

 Kind regards

 Caroline (Spa Studio Co-ordinator)

Thank you very much Heather. 

Just wanted to say how great it is that you are able to & have the time to put your classes on Zoom. It has been hugely beneficial to me in all this craziness that we are living through. Thank you again

Love Sue (student)

Hi Heather 

 Just wanted to say I really enjoyed yesterday lunch time class especially exercise for hands and arms as I suffer from RSI.  Could feel sensations on my every finger and hand and up my arm.

 Looking forward to next weeks class.  

Have a good and safe week.🙏 Nita (student)

Hi Heather and Tony,

What a wonderful workshop and thank you for inviting me, as it was just what I needed.  You both made it so interesting with loads of practical advice too. 

As I said I'm off to seaside Monday for a week which couldn't have come at a better time, for me to process the last few weeks.  When I get back, I'd like to contact you again with view to working with you one to one sessions as my buddy (that's so kind of you to offer) which I will be pleased to pay for.

Keep up the good work you two helping people.  Enjoy your walks....we're going to be doing lots of that next week!

Love and thanks

Rosemary xx (Yoga teacher and Reiki master)

Hi Heather,

Thank you for another great class today.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy, and benefit from doing your yoga classes. I also find that zoom works really well. You describe and demonstrate the moves well and correct our position if necessary. It feels like personal tuition!

I have used this unusual time to try different classes, and to get more out of yoga. Thank you again.



Hi Heather,

I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your zoom yoga, pilates and meditation sessions.   I have managed six session over two weeks and they have definitely helped me to keep physically fit and mentally calm.  Once I managed to figure out the technology (fairly easy thanks to Tony’s guidance), then it was almost as good as being in the same room with you. 

A great idea for the times that we are living through and something for everyone to try.

See you next week!

Janice x (student)

Hello Heather & Tony

 Really loving the online classes and appreciate all you’re doing to keep us active.

 Kindest regards


Penny (student)

Dear Heather 

I  thoroughly enjoyed our yoga in the park this morning ...........such a treat and so lovely to see you ( after such a long time ).

Thankyou so much for organising .

 Look forward to our time on the mat this coming week .

Thanks again Heather


June x (student)

Hi Heather,


The chakra class was superb - you took it to a whole different level!


Thank you!


Lynn x (student)


Such a lovely class last night. It had the perfect amount of energy    I really enjoyed it.

Thank you. Love, Shirley (student)

Hi Heather

Really loved the class today.  Have a bit of a piriformis issue at moment so this was great.  Thank you

Ros (student)

Morning Heather

My back is so much better today. Thank you very much for your skills. 

See you on Zoom!!

Best wishes,  Hilary D x (student)

















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