Testimonials from previous Retreats

  1. I have to say I am still raving about our weekend. I think the people at work got a bit fed up with me telling them what a wonderful experience it was, but most were very happy for me.  I am still carrying the 'high' with me.

I loved that walking meditation so much I am going to suggest it to my walking friends. Can't see them going for it, but it's worth a try!

Brilliant idea of Tony's. He is such a calm, relaxed and hard-working person,  and interesting to be with. You are so lucky to have him, but then, you know that.

I was thinking about how the retreat was so positive. I never heard a negative word all weekend - such a change from the negativity of the news, the press, and indeed some of the people I know.

  1. Just to say that I loved every minute of the retreat, it was very special and best ever and I will treasure the memories forever. You and Tony have done an outstanding job.

  2. Thank YOU so much for a lovely weekend, haven’t stopped thinking about it………Would love to go again.

  3. Heather, Thanks again for the magical retreat, such a pleasure to meet up again. I feel like a new beginning rested and stretched out. You're right it takes everyone to make it happen but we had the right leader;

  4. Heather: Just to say thank you for the energy and inspiration you brought to the retreat. It was a wonderful weekend;

  5. Dear Heather:  I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful Yoga Retreat.  The venue was magnificent and I learnt so much from the Yoga practice, meditation and Yoga philosophy sessions.  They inspired me to persevere with pranayama and meditation, which I have always found quite difficult.  The walking meditations in particular were very memorable experiences, so moving and powerful.  With very best wishes to you all.

  6. This was my first retreat. What a wonderful experience of Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation.  Although my body is not a "Yoga body", the Yoga sessions were comfortable and flowed so easily I loved every minute.

The walks were wonderful - a good walk in lovely countryside, not too far and yet I felt as though I had had really good invigorating exercise.

And - the food was delicious, only half way through did I realise I was a happy Vegetarian for the weekend.

I am so looking forward to the next Retreat in Normandy, thank you for the whole experience.


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