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 Janice Moss qualified as a registered osteopath 20 years ago and is working locally in Staines.  She offers gentle but effective treatment to support the body's natural healing abilities.  As well as general osteopathic practice, Janice also specialises in the treatment of babies, children, pregnant and post natal mums.

Working with Janice is Deborah Law a registered chiropodist and podiatrist who also practices reflexology and can cater for all of your foot care needs


 For more information phone 07947 007711





"Tango Journey provides a deep enjoyable understanding and appreciation of authentic Argentine tango."
 Start your very own Tango Journey through the tailor-made sessions run by David Thomas and Marion Greenwood.  They draw on the art & culture of authentic Argentine tango, energising your physical
and emotional well-being with focus on body awareness, connection with others, self-expression, and above all your sense of fun.

 For more information ring 07889 102473 or go to www.tango-journey.com







Melanee Dyer is a qualified Reflexologist who has over  20 years experiences balancing people’s health.

Reflexology is an amazing treatment which helps restore balance to your body so it may heal itself.

Melanee specialises in fertility, hormone balancing and cancer care and is based in Shepperton and Chertsey.

Please contact Melanee for further information and bookings:

07951 394317 mel@groundedsoles.co.uk or via www.groundedsoles.co.uk








 Here is a great initiative to improve the nation's health.  Walking every day can boost your immunity and cut the risk of diabetes, heart attack, obesity, stroke and depression.  Walking just 2.74 miles every day would enable you to hit 1000 miles in a year, wow.  For more information and to enrol read more.








Caroline Roberts  has been on her healing path for the past 28 years. Her journey has involved studying Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Super-coherence, Pranic Healing and Rose Alchemy. She weaves threads of all of these modalities into her healing work with women. For more information read more or to book email Caroline on: carolinenurturingtouch@gmail.com





Jenni Sy is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and has her own Forever Living (Aloe Vera) business.  Her passion is in helping individuals living with various health issues and giving them the information needed on the benefits of including Aloe Vera based products into their lives.  She can also offer additional advice and motivation on health and fitness.  If you feel that this would be something that would benefit you then please make contact so that you can have a chat or she can send you some information.

Website:  www.jennisyglobal.flp.com Email: jenni.sy@flp.com  Mobile: 07957 837611









Sushma Davatwal is a Resilo therapist. Resilo is a natural holistic soft tissue massage therapy technique based on increasing the function of the body. 

It is a unique whole body treatment, consisting of finding and remedying injuries past and present, encompassing all aches and pains.

It is accomplished using a gentle wave motion system through clothing.

Sushma can be contacted on mobile: +44 7961 300902 or mini.dav@hotmail.co.uk

Susanne Dickinson runs Artemis Glass with her husband Michael.  Established in 1999, Artemis Glass are a family run business who design, make, repair and restore stained glass panels. From traditional designs to quirky contemporary pieces we work closely with the client to create truly unique panels for all applications. Let us inspire you!


For more information call Sue on 07879 213 392 or 01784 466 192 or email us with your queries: artemisglass@talktalk.net





Dana Bregman is a chartered physiotherapist with 25 years of practice and a certified Pilates instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy in Pilates Institute, APPI. She has chosen to specialise in fascia release as it is a gentle yet extremely potent technique, treating mind and body, which draws on her sensitive touch and intuition and achieves excellent results for her clients. Dana often follows on from the hands on treatment with advice on fascia stretches as well as Pilates based exercise, aimed at empowering her clients to best maintain the improvements and to independently manage their symptoms long term. For recent testimonials read more.

You can contact Dana at 07906 403259 or email dana.bregman@gmail.com







 Mike Murphy DipASK is a qualified Kinesiologist and a registered member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. He graduated in 1992 after a three year training course.

 Kinesiology (pronounced Kin-easy-ology) is the Science of muscle testing to find energy imbalances within the body. Any imbalances found by the Kinesiologist are corrected straight away by using a combination of therapeutic massage, nutritional supplements and other powerful techniques to relieve mental/emotional stresses. In this way energy balance is restored to the whole person mentally, physically and chemically. Clients will usually experience a significant improvement in most common health problems after the first few visits.  Read more.

 For more information ring 01932-351120, or email: therapy@newhawclinic.co.uk






Simon Trick provides effective Sports and Holistic massage treatments, treating each patient as an individual and considering their health needs as a whole person.  At Real Touch Massage he assesses clients, explains clearly what is causing pain or discomfort, then treats them with a range of Sports Massage techniques, stretches or taping.  He then provides stretches and exercises to help clients maintain their own health more effectively, so reducing the risk of future injury.

Simon's clinic is on Woking.  he can be contacted on realtouch_massage@yahoo.co.uk or mobile 07956-336965






Giraffe Print is an on-line  family business supplying quality customised clothing, hand printed by us in our studio in Brighton, UK. We’re passionate about bringing originality to personalised clothing, with fresh ideas like special effect printing and diamanté designs. Our inspiring design team empower businesses and individuals to create truly striking designs using only the best quality garments and materials  For more information got to www.giraffeprint.co.uk, email at info@giraffeprint.co.uk  or ring (0)1273 818400.







Well, there is another Heather George teaching Yoga and practices Reiki in the US. Her contact details are also listed in ThaiYoga.com

Heather George
California & Telluride, CO
( Berkeley & Los Angeles )

Web site address: www.thelotusway.org

When asked for her permission to link to her web site, Heather wrote

I love it! Funny, as I'm studying a bit about 'numerology' right now, and the power of our names! I'm getting married soon and a bit challenged to let my name go!

Heather George has served me well, and I love knowing that there is another beautiful being out there sharing that frequency!

Many Blessings and please send my Love to my twin sister ;-).

~Heather George

I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.
I honor the place in you, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.

When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we remember that we are One. www.thelotusway.org

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