Omtropy - Yoga

Heather teaching at an International Yoga Festival beside the Red Sea in Egypt

Yoga is Sanskrit for 'union'. I find, linking the body and mind whilst synchronising breath with movement brings about balance, harmony,  wellbeing and a sense of peace.  Sivananda Yoga embraces the four paths of Karma (taking selfless action), Bhakti (the Yoga of devotion), Raja (Royal Yoga, the scientific approach, mind control) and Jnana (the Yoga of knowledge, the philosophical approach).  It is a personal journey, not a competition with others or to satisfy our egos, the only legitimate challenges are within ourselves and not with others.

Integral to my practice and teaching, is the principle that time is taken for self-enquiry  to be aware of the moment .  This creates space to investigate the effect on ones physiological, mental and spiritual being due to changes (even micro ones) in posture and breathing.  The acceptance of this awareness and taking responsibility for changes leads to personal development and a deeper understanding of ones Yogic journey.

Over the last fifteen years I have developed a range of classes that embrace the teachings of: