"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi

Thank you for visiting us. I would first like to explain the roots of Omtropy. 

Om  is a sacred symbol in Hinduism.  It is the basis of all sounds and consists of the three letters;  A, U, M that cover the whole range of sound-vibrations.  Om represents all trinities. It is everything.  From the essence of the Vedas this trinity is Brahma-Vishnu-Siva, (past-present-future; birth-life-death; creation preservation-destruction; waking-dreaming-deep sleep; being-non-being-becoming).

'A' represents the physical plane;
'U' represents the mental and astral planes, the world of spirits and all heavens;
'M' represents the deep sleep state and all that is unknown  even in our wakeful state and all that is beyond the reach of the intellect.

Om represents ALL  and is the basis of our  life, thought and intelligence. 
(from 'Bliss Divine' - Swami Sivananda).

To me, Om is  the first sound, the 'big bang!' and symbolizes the universal  life-force energy.   Everything has its own vibration and these subtle energies impact on everything around us. 
'tropy'- I took from 'entropy' which denotes a measure of the efficiency of a system (law of thermodynamics];  or a lack of pattern or organization.   Again there is a relationship to this energy,  vibration and also chaos.   Everything we do, think, say and believe has a positive or negative effect on this universal energy (some call this karma).








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